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Course Overview

Course Name : CUET (UG) Science Stream- Test Series

CUET for Science Correspondence Course proceeds from an explanation of theory to problem solving, helping you build a strong knowledge base and skill to solve problems asked in CUET entrance exam as you discover how basic concepts are put into numerical problem solving. In addition to teaching  and To helping you understand them, we’ll immediately identify the key concepts and skills that have been tested in previous years. You’ll also benefit from a collection of Science cuet resources, which provide in-depth problems and solutions as well as exams to verify our understanding. This course will also help you to clear  12th standard exams for Science

Course summary

The course included the complete test series for CUET Science with four Domain Subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics), one language subject (English) and General Test. The video and soft copy of the test series solutions as well as online Doubt class, will also be provided to the students.

Test Series

Test series are provided to the students on google form to check themselves time to time after completion of a part of the syllabus and rectify themselves. Topic wise, chapter wise and subject tests will be conducted. Test series gives a unique chance to learn and improve.

  • Chapter Wise Test Series
  • Topic wise Test Series
  • Full Length Test Series.
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Duration Minimum 2 Months
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