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PYQ JEST Physics

Previous Year Question Video Solutions for JEST Physics

The list of PYQ videos is very helpful for the students preparing for JEST Exam. They can quickly revise the syllabus in a very short span of time.

JEST-2022 Optics solution

JEST 2022 Mathematical Physics B 12

Jest previous year solution 2021 Set D Part B Q 14

JEST 2021 Mathematical Physics: Q 7 Part C [SET D]

JEST 2018 previous year Question 2 marks MCQ

JEST 20219 kinematics

JEST 2021 Previous year solution Quantum mechanics

JEST Previous year solution Set D part B Q- Q5

Q22 [SET D] JEST 2021 Mathematical Physics : Matrices

JEST 2021 Mathematical Physics: Q 15[SET D]

Q5 JEST-2021, SET D Operational Amplifier

Jest 2021 Previous Year Solution Set D Part1 Q-17

JEST 2022 EMT B 9

JEST 2021 Statistical Physics: Q 3 Part C [SET D]

JEST 2021 Thermodynamics and statistical physics: Q 25 Part A [SET D]

Special theory of relativity Jest 2021 Set D part A Question 6

JEST Physics Previous Year Mathematical Physics: Complex Analysis

JEST 2021 Q1 3 marks Electromagnetic Theory

Jest Previous year solution set D part c Question 4

JEST 2021 Previous year solution Set d Part A question 11

Q10 [PART C] [SET D] JEST 2021 STR (Doppler's Effect in Light)

Thermodynamics Q8 JEST Thermodynamics 2021

JEST-2021 previous year solution SETD part B Question 12