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Lecture 4 Time Evolution of Physical Quantities Csir Net

Time Evolution of Physical Quantities in Classical Mechanics Understanding the time evolution of physical quantities is fundamental in classical mechanics. This concept involves analyzing how different properties of a system change over time under the influence of forces. The Hamiltonian formulation provides a robust framework for this analysis. This reflects the classical analogue of Ehrenberg’s […]

Lagrangian Formulation Degree of freedom and equation of constrain

Introduction The Lagrangian formulation of classical mechanics is a powerful and elegant method for analyzing the dynamics of systems. It provides a framework that is particularly useful for dealing with complex systems with constraints. In this tutorial, we will discuss the concepts of degrees of freedom and equations of constraint within the context of the […]

Equation of Motion and Small Oscillations by Atul Gaurav

Equations of Motion And Small Oscillations The equations of motion describe the relationship between an object’s position, velocity, and acceleration over time. These equations are fundamental to classical mechanics and are essential for solving various problems in physics. Small oscillations refer to the repetitive back-and-forth motion of a system about its equilibrium position. When the […]

Equation of Motion in one dimension Lecture 4 Csir Net Physics

The study of motion in one dimension involves understanding how objects move along a straight line. This fundamental aspect of mechanics is essential for solving problems in physics and is particularly important for exams like the CSIR NET Physics/JRF. Basic Concepts Velocity (v): Velocity is the rate of change of displacement with time. It is […]

Potential Analysis & introduction of Equation of Motion Lecture 3

Course Overview CSIR NET Physical Science Online Live Class proceeds from an explanation of theory to problem solving, helping you build a strong knowledge Potential Analysis Potential analysis is a crucial concept in classical mechanics, offering a method to understand forces and the resulting motions of objects. The potential energy of a system represents the […]

Understanding the Tools of Quantum Mechanics: Lecture 2

In the journey of mastering quantum mechanics for competitive exams like CSIR NET Physics and IIT JAM Physics, having access to comprehensive and insightful lectures is crucial. One such valuable resource is the series of lectures by Atul Gaurav Sir, specifically designed to aid aspirants in their preparation. Lecture 2 of this series, titled “Tools […]

Introduction to Mechanics and Classical Mechanics

Introduction to Mechanics and Classical Mechanics The Pravegaa Educations Physical Science CSIR NET & IIT JAM online course is an amalgamation of informative live classes that are supervised by physics experts who have more than 15 years of experience. Mechanics: An Overview Mechanics is a branch of physics that deals with the motion of objects […]