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Small Oscillation Problems in Classical Mechanics Lecture 3

Small Oscillation Problems in Classical Mechanics Small oscillation problems are a fundamental aspect of classical mechanics, often arising when studying systems in the vicinity of their equilibrium positions. These problems typically involve analyzing the motion of a system that has been slightly perturbed from equilibrium, leading to oscillatory behavior. Here are some key concepts and […]

Canonical Transformations in Classical Mechanics Lecture 6

Introduction In classical mechanics, canonical transformations play a crucial role in simplifying complex problems and revealing the underlying symmetries of physical systems. This lecture delves into the concept of canonical transformations, their properties, and applications in Hamiltonian mechanics. Applications of Canonical Transformations Conclusion Canonical transformations are a powerful tool in classical mechanics, providing deep insights […]

Central Force (Problem based on effective potential)

The central force problem is a classical mechanics issue where a particle is subject to a force that is directed towards a fixed point (the center) and whose magnitude depends only on the distance from the center. This problem is elegantly addressed using the concept of effective potential, which combines both the actual potential energy […]

Lecture 2 Newton’s Laws and Frictional Force

Understanding Newton’s Laws and Frictional Force Newton’s laws of motion form the foundation of classical mechanics, providing a framework for understanding the relationship between a body and the forces acting upon it. Among these forces, friction plays a crucial role in many everyday phenomena. Let’s delve into Newton’s laws of motion and explore how frictional […]

Lagrangian Formulation (Generalized Coordinates)

Lagrangian Formulation in Classical Mechanics: Generalized Coordinates The Lagrangian formulation of classical mechanics, developed by Joseph-Louis Lagrange in the 18th century, provides a powerful and elegant framework for analyzing the dynamics of mechanical systems. It is particularly advantageous when dealing with complex systems and non-Cartesian coordinates. This formulation introduces the concept of generalized coordinates, which […]

Lagrangian Formulation Degree of freedom and equation of constrain

Introduction The Lagrangian formulation of classical mechanics is a powerful and elegant method for analyzing the dynamics of systems. It provides a framework that is particularly useful for dealing with complex systems with constraints. In this tutorial, we will discuss the concepts of degrees of freedom and equations of constraint within the context of the […]

Phase Curves in Classical Mechanics Online class

Phase Curves in Classical Mechanics Phase curves, also known as phase trajectories, are graphical representations that illustrate the evolution of a dynamical system in phase space. Phase space is a multi-dimensional space in which all possible states of a system are represented, with each state corresponding to one unique point in the phase space. For […]

Equation of Motion and Small Oscillations by Atul Gaurav

Equations of Motion And Small Oscillations The equations of motion describe the relationship between an object’s position, velocity, and acceleration over time. These equations are fundamental to classical mechanics and are essential for solving various problems in physics. Small oscillations refer to the repetitive back-and-forth motion of a system about its equilibrium position. When the […]

Equation of Motion in one dimension Lecture 4 Csir Net Physics

The study of motion in one dimension involves understanding how objects move along a straight line. This fundamental aspect of mechanics is essential for solving problems in physics and is particularly important for exams like the CSIR NET Physics/JRF. Basic Concepts Velocity (v): Velocity is the rate of change of displacement with time. It is […]

Potential Analysis in Classical Mechanics for CSIR NET/JRF

Potential analysis is a crucial topic in classical mechanics, particularly for exams like CSIR NET/JRF. Understanding potentials helps in analyzing forces and energy in a system, which is fundamental for solving various physical problems. Potential Analysis , the stable equilibrium point, the unstable equilibrium point , curve plotting , transition point. IIT JAM, CSIR NET, […]