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How to learn Revise and perform in Classical Mechanics

How to learn Revise and perform in Classical Mechanics

This is a summary of the talk series between Mr. Atul Gaurav (Founder, Pravegaa Education) and Dr. Pooja Munjal (Founder Member, Pravegaa Education).

This talk is helpful for aspirants who are preparing for CSIR-NET, GATE, and IIT-JAM in Physical Sciences. The conversation is titled, “How to learn, revise and perform in classical mechanics”.

The talk mainly discusses the following points:

  • Importance of Classical Mechanics Difference between Newtonian mechanics and Lagrangian/Hamiltonian formulation
  • How to approach this course w.r.t teaching & learning
  • Importance of Canonical Transformation, Hamilton-Jacobi, and Action angle variable.

The talk also reveals the difficulty faced by the students and how to overcome them. Atul Gaurav discusses how a student must revise and perform in this subject and recommends books for good conceptual knowledge.

The final part of the talk was related to trend questions in competitive exams like CSIR -NET Physical sciences. The discussion concluded with the question, “How does classical mechanics help in building QM, statistical mechanics, EMT, and other topics.”

At last, Pravegaa founder Atul Gaurav discusses the teaching and learning methodology at Pravegaa education.

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