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Pravegaa Test Series-A Scientific Approach to Ensure Success

Pravegaa Test Series-A Scientific Approach to Ensure Success


Competitive exams are all about learning and then performing under the constraint of time. It is human psychology that every person wants to live in a comfortable zone and at the same time, he wants to learn and perform. But between the learning zone and comfort zone, there is a “fear zone” which is the biggest hurdle in learning and performance.

“You cannot learn to swim without jumping into a river.” Pravegaa test series is one of the bold and scientific steps for students who are preparing for competitive examinations like CSIR NET, GATE, IIT jam, JEST, TIFR, and CUET.

The purpose of the Pravegaa test series is to:

  1. revise the course in an optimum and coherent manner 
  2. reduce error 
  3. expose the  students to new questions
  4. teach time management
  5. develop a positive attitude towards examinations and learn how to fight exam phobia.  

To fulfill these goals, the test department of Pravegaa education, under the guidance of our subject matter experts, divide the whole test series into the following categories:

  1. Basic test -This is a chapter-wise test. The purpose of this segment is to revise the chapter properly. The questions of this segment are mainly from the class notes or the study material. After performing a Basic test, students become confident and they become ready to perform.  
  2. Premium test: In this section, we combine two or more chapters. The questions will be fresh in nature. The Test department follows an authentic textbook to create new questions. From this segment, the students are exposed to new questions in the chapters.
  3. Part test: The questions in this section will be from complete topics. Students will be able to revise the whole topic at a time. The nature of the questions will be tougher than the Basic and Premium test. Students will be able to reduce errors and also find their weaknesses and strengths. 
  4. Full-length test: Finally,  students will appear in five full-length tests, the same as the examination pattern. The questions will be asked from the complete syllabus.  In this section, they will learn time management and develop a positive attitude toward competitive examinations.
  5. PYQ test: Finally, we encourage students to solve at least five previous year papers in an examination atmosphere 15 days before the examination. This will help them to revise the complete syllabus efficiently. 

Test analysis: Pravegaa education maintains the data for every test performance. Our experts are always available to give scientific advice to the students to enhance their performance on a day-to-day basis. We motivate them to learn and perform without affecting their mental and physical health. We make them self-confident by believing in the great  philosophy of सिद्धिर्भवति कर्मजा”

    Team Pravegaa invites all of you to join the Pravegaa Test series to ensure the best result.  

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