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Online Live Classes

Online Live Classes

Hello students, I am Atul Gaurav, co-Founder of Pravegaa Education (P) Limited.
In this blog, I am discussing the main features of our Online Live classes along with how our live classes are different from the ones in other institutes.

After the covid pandemic, online classes are the need of the hour. Now the world has complete access to fast internet and technology. Pravegaa education is one of the pioneers of online classes for CSIR-NET Physical science, IIT-JAM Physics, JEST, and TIFR.

I have had the opportunity to manage live classes efficiently for the last four years, the first three years as director of Avs fiziks institute, and for the last year as a mentor at Pravegaa education. In this process, I have communicated with many students and finally, I reached the following conclusion which has also helped me to enhance the quality of online live classes for IIT JAM and CSIR -NET.

Pravegaa live classes have the following features:

1. Result-oriented approach

We are helping students to achieve success in different competitive examinations like CSIR NET and IIT JAM. So, we integrate our lectures, study materials, and test series in a coherent and focused manner. Regular doubt sessions and test practices help students maximize their marks in their examinations.

2. Best Technology

We care about conducting our live classes in a very smooth and hassle-free manner on the Zoom platform, which is one of the best platforms for online streaming. We have also uploaded recorded videos of the classes on our YouTube channel and shared the link with our students for revision. We share the soft copy of the material and link to videos via google classroom. We choose this virtual platform because they optimize on low internet bandwidth as well as they are user-friendly.

3. The balance between screen time and content intensity

The real challenge in online live classes is increased screen time for students. High screen time causes irritation in the eyes and some students also complain of headaches and insomnia. So, it is very important for any online live class to reduce screen time as much as possible. On another side, if one will reduce screen time irrationally, it will compromise the quality and intensity of content.

At Pravegaa education we follow the following methods to provide a balance between screen time and the intensity of content of the subject.

a) We have a full-time, experienced faculty who have years of teaching experience. Our faculties are subject matter experts, so it is very natural that they can deliver quality lectures in an optimized time.

b) We schedule our topics in a coherent manner, for example, quantum mechanics will be taught after mathematical physics and atomic physics will be taught after quantum mechanics for the CSIR examination. Similarly, For the IIT jam examination, the wave is taught after mechanics. In this way, the knowledge from the previous topic will be applied to the next.

c) Our study materials are the same as our classroom lectures which also helps students to revise the topic without watching the recorded lecture again.

d) We have allotted the number of classes based on the ratio of marks in exams. This will help students to optimize their marks according to the syllabus.

4. Professionality and discipline

The best part of an online class is that it does not require very costly assets but that leads to mushrooming of a lot of unprofessional institutes and part-time faculties. We at Pravegaa Education give priority to professionalism and discipline.

a) We have full-time faculties. Every faculty either uses a whiteboard or green board to deliver their lecture. The board is illumined with a soothing light arrangement. Every teacher teaches the class mostly in English, but they also respond in Hindi.

b) The class timing is in the evening and each class is of a maximum of 55 minutes. For each day, we have scheduled a maximum of three topics.

c) During the class, students are advised to keep their audio and video mute but they can unmute the audio if there is any doubt in class.

5. Emphasis on human interaction

Teaching cannot be justified without human expression.

I have seen many faculties using technology in teaching such as PowerPoint, and digital boards where they are teaching the topics without showing their face to students. In fact, I have seen some of the faculties just show the board and their hand to explain the topic. Personally, I find these things boring and compromising.

We at Pravegaa education have faculties who are confident and enjoy interacting with the students. We have a WhatsApp & Telegram group for our batches where students can ask their simple doubt and faculties respond, even late at night.

We share the phone numbers of each faculty member with the students and vice versa such that there is no communication gap between students and faculty

We believe in continuous improvement, and we are making efforts for it. Students have responded very positively. I promise everyone that we will make a lot of difference in online education.

I would like to invite students to join the country’s best online live classes for CSIR NET Physical Science and IIT JAM Physics where we can coach young minds to become Professors, Scientists, and Researchers, and Join Corporate and Industries.

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