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Introduction of Team Pravegaa Education

Dear students thanks for believing in Pravegaa Education. I am Atul Gaurav the Co-founder of Pravegaa education. In November 2021, I and Alok sir became the co-founder of Pravegaa education. Pravegaa Education is a complete learning platform for physics for different exams like IIT JAM, CSIR-NET, GATE, JEST, TIFR, CUET, etc.

Although our organization, Pravegaa education is fresh in name, the experience of our faculty members is enormous. I founded AVS fiziks in 2008 and lead that organization from the front. I taught  Quantum mechanics and classical mechanics for approximately 15 years. A lot of my students are doing extraordinary in their careers.

Alok sir, who is also the co-founder of Pravegaa education is one of the best faculty members in India. He was the most popular faculty member at AVS fiziks institute. He taught Mathematical physics and statistical mechanics. Along with these topics, Alok Sir is also teaching Electromagnetic theory at Parvegaa education.

We are very privileged that Jaidev sir and Mukkadar sir joined Pravegaa education as full-time faculty.

Jidev sir teaches electronics and Solid state physics. He has done his M.tech  from IIT KGP and his Ph.D. from IIT Madras. He is a hard-core experimentalist. He easily correlates theory to its application which is beneficial to the students.

Mukkadar sir, young and dynamic, teaches Nuclear physics, Atomic physics, and wave and optics. He was ranked 20 in the CSIR examination in 2018, and after then he pursued his Ph.D. in SRM and Nova institute of science and technology, Portugal.

Apart from these faculty members, P.K Chobe sir and K.G, both are ex-faculty of AVS fiziks who joined Pravegaa education. Chobe sir is helping students in General aptitude which is an essential part of (part A). KG sir helping mainly IIT JAM students improve their skills in Mechanics.

Dr. Puja Munjal is also part of a team, she has done her Ph.D. from IISER Mohali currently working in a startup based in  London  .she is involved in Pravegaa education on part time basis .she is helping organizations in technology upgradation and future product .she is involving in brand creation and organizing talk series for the institute.

We have collaborated with Deepika Yadav for career counseling. Deepika has done her master’s from IIT Delhi and Imperial College London and currently doing her Ph.D. from Edinburg. She has her own startup named Unigood which is helping students with career counseling.

Sadhana Singh and Kunal Jaiswal are perusing their studies as well as being involved in content creation and test series on a part-time basis.

In any professional organization, Management is an integral part of the performance.

We have an efficient team of management who takes care of students. The management team of Pravegaa is efficient, hard-working, and empathetic towards students’ problems. All of them have worked in AVS fiziks under my guidance.

The management team of Pravegaa education is led by Mr. Sateesh Sharma. Sateesh sir is not only the Admission In-charge at Pravegaa education but he also takes care of the class schedule.

Vandana Mam is currently working as a counselor at Pravegaa. She is honest and gives frank advice to the students which have always benefitted them.

Mithesh Kumar is a content developer and test series manager. His continuous effort of proofreading helps Pravegaa education to provide errorless study material and test series 

Anurag Shukla and his team are taking care of social media, brand creation, and digital marketing.

Sunil Dheka is the procurement manager and helps students to get hostels.

We get inspiration from the Sanskrit quote “सिद्धिर्भवति कर्मजा which is derived from Geeta. It means “Success is born out of Action.”

We continuously work on quality enhancement of teaching, study materials, and test series. We are committed to enhancing the quality of our impartment of knowledge at Pravegaa Education. 

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