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IIT-JAM Physics Correspondence Course

iit jam physics correspondence course

Course Overview

IIT-JAM Physics Correspondence Course proceeds from an explanation of theory to problem solving, helping you build a strong knowledge base and skill to solve problems asked in IIT-JAM Physics entrance exam as you discover how basic concepts are put into numerical problem solving. In addition to teaching the syllabus of IIT JAM Physics comprehensively and conceptually, we’ll identify skills and main concepts that have been asked in past 10 years on the spot to help you comprehend them. You’ll also benefit from a wealth of physics IIT-JAM materials including extensive problems and solutions and tests to check ourselves. This course will also help you to clear JEST, TIFR, BARC, DRDO and other central university exams for physics

Course summary

The Correspondence Study Material includes both IIT-JAM, GATE and JEST Syllabus. Hard copy (to the postal address) as well as soft copy of the material will be provided to the students.

  • It has relevant theory, concepts, and worksheets as well as chapter wise tutorials.
  • Previous year solved questions from IIT-JAM, GATE and JEST are provided.

Test Series

Test series is provided to the students on google form to check themselves time to time after completion of a part of the syllabus and rectify themselves. Topic wise, chapter wise and subject test will be conducted. Test series gives a unique chance to learn and improve.

  • Chapter Wise Test Series
  • Topic wise Test Series
  • Full Length Test Series.


Introduction to IIT-JAM Correspondence Course
Pravegaa Education Welcome you in our IIT-JAM offline Class. We will provide classroom coaching at our jia sarai center new delhi. The recorded videos of live class also be provided to the students. The study materials & Test Series are integral part of this course..

We will cover entire syllabus of IIT-JAM Physics, JEST, TIFR Physics & other central universities.
IIT-JAM Physics Syllabus PDF | TIFR Physics Syllabus PDF | JEST Physics Syllabus PDF
In this section we are providing few demo lectures of our faculties. Students can analyze the way of communication & content delivered .

Sample Study Material
1H 20M Activity
In this section we provide a sample of our study materials. It contains theory & examples of chapter followed by Previous year question & solutions (PYQ) worksheet and tutorials to practice more questions.

  1. Introduction to Fourier Series
  2. Mechanics
  3. Waves & Optics
  4. Electricity & Magnetism
  5. Kinetic Theory & Thermodynamics

Test Series is integral part of course, we are providing 3 types of test

  1. Class Test (CT) , Which includes chapter wise test
  2. Part Test (PT), Which includes complete topic wise test
  3. Full Test (FT), There will be 5 full length test for complete syllabus.

These test will help students to improve their accuracy & time management.

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